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Malaysia Overview

Studying in Malaysia you can be assured of a perfect education system and qualifications.

Domestic and foreign students are offered a wide variety of options, with many private universities and colleges positioned as the premier educational centers in Southeast Asia as well as Asia Pacific.

The following are some of the features of the Malaysian education system, subjects and subjects that many students are interested in:


1. Malaysian Education System

The National education system

Education is the responsibility of the federal government. The national education system includes education from kindergarten to university.

The Private education system

Private education is an education provided to students by private institutions (PHEI) without government funding. PHEI includes kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school to post-secondary education as well as college to provide certificates, diplomas and degrees. PHEI consists of colleges and universities, which play an important role in meeting the requirements of higher education and higher education for students in the country and abroad.

Currently, Malaysia has 11 public universities, 4 private universities and 14 colleges and vocational schools.


2. Types of study programs

Private colleges or institutes (PCs)

Malaysian Diplomas and Diplomas: Full-time or part-time students are eligible to earn a PC degree, which is accredited by local and foreign universities for admission. the first or second year of the first degree.

Preparing for students in International Transfer exams: The PC hosts classes with tutor support for students to prepare for international examinations set by the exam boards at home and abroad, These committees will award students a pass for students.

University programs in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia, including partial degree programs, transfer study programs, Honors Program, Full Program, "3 + 0" degree program of foreign universities.

Graduate and postgraduate programs.

Courses offered by private colleges and branches of foreign universities: Students can study full-time or part-time at these universities to obtain degrees from universities in the bachelor's degree. The relatively inexpensive tuition fees along with internationally recognized degrees are the factors that make these institutions attractive to both domestic and foreign students. Courses range from commerce, engineering, information technology, medicine, service to language.


  • Information Technology
  • Business management
  • Hospitality management
  • Fashion Designer
  • Electronic communications.


3. Advantages of studying in Malaysia

  • Tuition fee is reasonable
  • Learn completely in English
  • International qualification
  • Opportunity to transition to European countries ...
  • Opportunity to receive scholarships attractive
  • No English proficiency required
  • No need for financial proof
  • Fast, simple procedure, 100% visa rate
  • Students have the opportunity to practice in large companies in Malaysia




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